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Product Photography for Web Design: Complete Guide

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Glenn Cain

Product photography is aimed at providing buyers with a clear image of a product they are going to buy. A good product photo and beautiful presentation on an item on a website is 70% of a successful sale.

Nowadays due to the quarantine restrictions, people have to stay at home, and the entire shopping routine has boiled down to searching the web. Since they are looking for the particular products on various platforms, high-quality images of goods have become even more important.

Though it is possible to make any product look eye-catching in a photo, it is very important to share images that are in line with the general aesthetics of your website. Something that is vaguely associated with your brand will bring little or no benefit.

There are several types of product photography for web design, so learn more about them to create professional e-commerce platforms.

White Background Photography

white background product photography

This is an everlasting classic of product photography. In fact, it is a photo of a product taken against a white background without any additional decorations. The main idea behind such an image is to focus attention on the product, so that buyers can examine it in detail without getting distracted by other elements.

To better understand what I mean, look at the sample photo above. Everything in the picture is clear and accurate. Photographers, who specialize in taking such images, define clarity as their main priority during such photo sessions.

The best thing about such photos is that you can easily use them as the basis for further experiments. For example, you can quickly cut a product from the white background and put it into a more colorful composition if this is something your creative design calls for.

Turning these pictures into unique advertising projects is really simple. That’s is actually what Nike does on its website. The company has a well-thought-out and approved method of presenting it products on an official website, so you immediately recognize the brand once you see one of its line-ups. Besides, buyers can compare the models they like in no time.

Color Background Photography

color background product photography

Product design photography relies a lot on color and simple alteration of the background color can bring very interesting results. The ability of colors to evoke different emotions and set people into a particular mood is a well-known phenomenon.

So, while selecting a background color think of how do you want to make your client feel when they will look at your images? Analyze your target audience accurately to show them images that will make them open their wallets and buy your products.

If you manufacture kitchenware from natural materials that using a green backdrop is a nice move, as you will instantly attract an eco-friendly category of consumers. In case you sell expensive watches for men, photographing them on a black background is a great option.

Consider your products as something exclusive that requires sophisticated finishing to highlight their uniqueness. Don’t treat this process as a simple “product demonstration”. You need images that immediately attract viewers’ attention while matching the established color gamut of your website.

Remember that you don’t always need to experiment with backgrounds in your studio. To save time and effort, use background changing services Background Changing Services, and professional image editors will remove the original background and replace it with a new version. They can perform such a manipulation regardless of how and where you’ve taken your pictures.

Non-Traditional Product Images

non-traditional product images

People like beautiful photos where every component is well elaborate. Besides, we often imagine how we can use products depicted in images as if we actually owned them. Knowing such peculiarities of human nature, specialists create amazing product photography projects that never stay unnoticed.

For example, if you photograph sandals on a plain white background, few people will really pay attention to such a photo, as many companies offer similar products. But if you organize the shooting at the seashore and locate sandals on the sand while waves will gently touch them, the effect caused by such a photo will be totally different.

Your task is to help people visualize what benefits your particular product can give them. Of course, it is great to look at the photo with warm sand and dewy breeze and almost feel you are staying there.

Another rewarding approach is to show several color variations/models of the same product in one photo. You can arrange items in a straight line or be a bit playful while working on the composition. If you manage to create such a visual engagement in every image you share on your website, people are bound to favor your brand and become your returning clients.

Remember that every photo should have an emotional component in it, so make sure all your pictures are taken and edited with this rule in mind.

Product Usage Photography

usage product photography

In addition to the emotions your image should evoke in buyers, it also needs to “tell” a concise story of how they can use a product. The main element of such photos is movement, either explicit and implicit. There is a slew of cool product photography ideas Best Product Photography Ideas you can use in order to create the best photography website design.

For instance, if you sell summer footwear, you can photograph a girl walking along the edge of the pool with the main focus on her legs. In case, you specialize in selling accessories for traveling, take photos in which models wear and hold your goods, while climbing mountains, wading through dense woods, or pitching a tent by the lake. When ordinary people look at such “narrative” photos, they also believe they can have such adventures if they buy your products.

Such images deserve to be the centerpiece of the main page of your website as they can immediately win viewers’ attention. You can also add them to your catalog as product covers.

Lifestyle Product Photography

Don’t underestimate the importance of a beautiful picture. Sometimes people don’t actually need a product, but once they see how it can change their life for the better, they feel an abrupt urge to buy it. That’s a kind of unconscious desire that you, as a seller, can derive benefit from. Just retain the “realism” core and embellish it slightly with arresting details, and you will get a powerful combo that is bound to attract people to your website.

A simple example is a photo of a man in a luxurious coat staying near an insanely expensive car, which immediately appeals to male buyers, who start thinking about visiting your store to get the same coat in order to obtain “the rest of the goodies”.

Nowadays, almost all sites selling products adhere to this principle. It can be athletes in new Adidas sneakers, actors dressed in Gucci, or Justin Bieber standing in a field advertising a new deodorant.

Once again, a good photo is just half of success. Another 50% are the emotions your image causes. Besides, you need to be serious about photo post-processing. An image should look flawless yet realistic, so don’t hesitate to use photo editing tools Photo Editing Tools by Cloudfusion (Lightroom presets and Photoshop actions/overlays/textures).

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