Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Management

Businesses and organizations make their way to the top with their marketing tactics and the never ending buzz about them, we know this because we see it happening via social media or simply just by googling them. What we don’t see is the preparation and dedication for all their hard work. Many companies fail to use the social web to their benefit and despite all their efforts, they cannot have an impact on the billions of viewers that are just a click away. This scenario accurately shows the importance of social media management and search engine optimization, after all, how can your organization make its way to the top if it can’t even be in the top search results?

Social media management and search engine optimization are nothing less than the knights that help you advance, while actual business practices are more advanced and complicated than a chess game, the concepts still hold. Starting with search engine optimization, in its most basic terms, SEO is a methodology of complex strategies, tactics, and techniques that help in generating traffic to your website and getting a high-ranking placement in the search results. The higher the rank in the search results, the higher are the chances of that site being visited.  Search Engine optimizers help is making your websites more accessible as well as making sure that your content and product offerings are seen. 

What’s more, they also make your consumer's search results more relevant to them, directing them to the product of their choice without making them look for it. In this process, meta data is optimized to ensure your description answers all of your customer’s queries and is highly structured, in order to do so. Managing and optimizing can, not only help your business to grow but also help your customers to better locate your products. Following are some of the steps your business can take to get the most out of search engine optimization:

  • Keywords – Research, Analysis, and Development
  • Content Creation – Optimization and Submission
  • Feedback Analysis – Reviewing and Fixing

Social media management refers to a bigger phenomenon than simply keeping your Facebook or twitter pages updated. The need for a professional to take care of your public appearance is of the essence and hence companies invest their time and money in doing so. Social media management has three basic components that require utmost attention; Content, Branding, and advertising.


Your content is your digital voice to the world, it can be seen, read, heard and saved by anyone who has the luxury of an internet connection. Hence your public voice should be well structured and free from discrimination. Your organization's social page has a direct and indirect impact on your organizations functioning. Social media hypes and scandals are famous for making and breaking the entire organizations. A bad review can affect your customer’s opinion about your product and its offerings. Content that is well-structured and informative holds great significance, after all having a message is essential.


However, if that message lacks a medium to back it up, it is next to nothing for the viewer. Hence significant time is invested in branding the product’s content. Branding is extremely important when it comes to social media management as brand dilution can have a negative impact on your company. Branding also creates audience engagement and creates interacting platforms for the customers with the business. A close example of some branding tactics is asking questions to the general audience and introducing a prize for the winner.


This hype also creates an advertisement oasis. The more the audience is engaged with the specific post the more likely are they to share the post with their friends. Marketers are well aware of this tactic and have been using it for decades. However, it isn’t as easy as one, two, three, social media managers need to carefully structure the products offerings as to get the attention of as many eyeballs as it possibly can. Without a manager for your social pages, turmoil is just waiting to happen. Management keeps your brand alive and creates an emotional connection with the customers. With optimized content shared on the same platform used by the general public, getting the word out couldn’t get any easier. By using these digital assets to your benefit, your company can get the best treatment the web has to offer!

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