All your Files in One Place

Access your files in the web or access them from your desktop with file managers like Dolphin, Nautilus, Finder and Explorer. There are even third party WebDAV applications for Android & iOS, so you can access and edit your files on your smartphone.

Simple, Powerful Sharing

We like to share things, so we made sure you can do that easily. You can share files with other users in your CFS instantly or by using a public link that you can send to anyone. Protect it with password now and/or set an expiration date.

CFS Documents

CFS Documents is collaborative editing of rich-text documents. The documents can be created from within the web-interface or existing documents can be uploaded. Sharing and editing can be done securely in the browser and be shared inside CFS or via a public link. Users who have an account on the same server can be invited or public invitations can also be sent by email. The editing works based on normal ODF files that are stored in CFS.

Activity Stream

See what is going on in your CFS. You can see the latest files and folders that you have created, changed or deleted. You can see when someone shared something with you or you shared something with someone, and if the shared files are changed. This stream can also be accessed with an RSS feed and can be read via a REST api by Desktop and Mobile client.

User Avatars

Users can upload avatar pictures so that they can be recognized more easily by others. This is especially useful for bigger organizations and companies.

File Previews

We now show thumbnails of documents in the web-interface in all the relevant places. This helps the users to recognize their files more easily.

Online Video Player

With our integrated online video player you can easily watch your movie collection online, without having to download it before

Easy Restores

Deleted an important file or a folder ? No problem, you can simply restore these files and folders from your integrated trash for up to 30 days of deletion.

Explore Your Photos

CFS features a photo gallery application to view and organize photos of different file types. Photo albums are automatically created for uploaded photos. Now with integrated slideshow.

Edit Your Files On The Go

With CFS, you can access and edit your documents in multiple ways. You can edit text files directly in your browser with the online text editor, or mount your files locally via WebDAV, viewing and editing them with the desktop apps you’ve got used to.

Sync. Contacts / Calendar

Manage calendars and contacts directly in the web. You can also connect your devices with applications such as Thunderbird, Kontact, and Evolution through open protocol CalDAV/CardDAV. Calendars and contacts can also be synced with Android or iOS devices.


Your important bookmarks are available from everywhere. Open your bookmarks directly in your webpanel.

Universal Calendar

You can create unlimited calendars, task,… and sync them on unlimited devices

Files Drag & Drop

You are able to simply drag & drop your files from your harddrive into the webpanel.

Files Versioning

Did you make a change to a file and regret it? Or did you accidentally delete a section of the file that you need? Versions application automatically saves old file versions.

PDF Reader

Our integrated PDF reader offers “read on the go”. Read documents, books and all your pdf files. Zoom, screensize, next,… are integrated functions in this app.

Manage Your Own Users

You choose the users who have access to your cloud, which quota they get and also which groups they are allowed to join.

External Storage Integration & SFTP

Connect your existing DropBox, Swift, FTPs, GoogleDocs, S3 and external WebDAV servers for a unified experience.