Step 1
Concept & Estimate

Discussing the first ideas during a brief meeting on site, by email or Skype. Following the initial ideas we discussed we will then present you an estimate for the work.

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Step 2
Design proposal

Once the estimate is signed, we will send you a 50% deposit invoice to start the project. As designers we’ll study your company, product or service. To accelerate the process, it is best to hand over all the project material to me at this moment (Logo, Texts, Photos, Sitemap, etc.). Within 7 days we will then present a professional and appropriate design for your project.

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Step 3
Feedback Round

After the first presentation of the design you can give feedback and share comments. The feedback round consists of a maximum of 2 rounds*. This way we do not linger in an endless circle of minor changes. This prevents wasted time. And budget. It is especially important to share good feedback

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Step 4
Finish design
& content

After the last round of feedback, We will make the final changes and finish the design completely. In consultation with you the final content such as texts and photos is also processed.

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Step 5
Finish Project

After finishing the project you will receive an invoice for the remaining amount of the project (unless agreed otherwise). After payment you will get a copy of all the original files. After this stage minor changes and errors will be processed free of charge. Larger changes may result in additional costs*.

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Offering you a fair quote for your project depends on what you expect from us.

We trust that you have selected us to work on your project because you have seen the quality we can deliver. We can only make your expectations come true if you give us the possibility to give our full dedication to the project. In the end we want a quote that will result in a project that fits both of our expectations, but also a quote where we are both comfortable in working with and will only benefit a successful project!

The budget may vary from project to project, mainly depending on what you expect from us in the project. For example; if it involves a project without any form of art direction, it will be a seemingly lighter project compared to a project where you will trust us from the phase of research, to art direction to delivering a pixel-perfect project.

More about us

Website designers

As website designers we think about the layout and website usability.

Interaction designers

As interaction designers we build your website and bring the website to life.

Graphic designers

As graphic designers we create all kinds of printed products, but also graphics to use on websites.

Art Directors

As art directors we think not just about what you see on your site in terms of styling, but also what you need to convince your visitors and what your visitors need to feel with your service or product.