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5 Digital Marketing Pro Tips for Better Conversion

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Allen Tucker
Allen Tucker

In the last decade, digital marketing has risen as one of the most effective and efficient methods of promotion and advertising. This occurred due to technological developments and increase in smartphone users. According to a report by Pew Research, around 37% of adults use their phones to access the internet and the numbers keep on rising. Since the competition is tough for businesses trying to get the attention of the consumers through digital marketing, every strategy has to be planned and applied carefully. As a business owner, your end goal is a high conversion rate.

This requires a lot of work and research. In order to make sure that consumers visiting the web page end up making a purchase as well, you can look towards various tools and online platforms. Algorithms, Google Analytics, SEO and Adwords can help increase the leads from traffic. Usually, studies show that on average the conversion rate for an e-commerce website is 2.86%. If you want your business to profit from a better conversion rate, these are a few digital marketing pro tips you could try out.

1. Engage with the Copy

In digital marketing, one of the best ways to instantly catch the attention of the consumer is through a compelling and engaging copy. Whether it’s on the landing page of your website, in a Meta description, pay per click ad or social media post, your content should be convincing. It should have powerful words like interesting, new, exciting or now, so that the visitor is persuaded to respond. Your aim is to encourage the audience to become your customer or at least sign up for more information. If you take a look at the meta description and social media post below, you will see how effective they are.

The copy is concise, compelling and gets visitors to make a decision. With such content and attractive visuals such as your marketing logo and website design, you can benefit from higher conversions and become a successful brand over time.

Image Source: Google
Bluehost ad examples
Image Source: socialmediatoday

2. The Call-to-Action Should be Strong

You may have come across several call-to-actions or CTAs asking visitors to subscribe, sign up for updates or begin a trial. Well, for a better conversion, you should go for something stronger than all of these. Be as clear as possible and include graphics such as an attractive text, animation or anything that is associated with your brand. Call-to-actions that have ‘Get it Now’, ‘Avail the Offer’, ‘Buy’ or ‘Sign up for Free’ can certainly make the visitor respond positively.

In the example of the CTA here, you can observe that not only does it pop up on the main page of the blog but also presents a ‘special offer’ to the consumer. Since most people would not want to miss it, they might check out the details and sign up for more information as well.

 Image Source:

3. Link the Relevant Landing Page

Sometimes, the audience can get confused if they are led to different landing pages then the one in a description, ad or call-to-actions. It’s why you should try and have relevant links. If you are asking your audience to contact you, then the link must take them to the page with the contact details. You cannot talk about offers, subscriptions or price quote and then include the landing page which has an introduction to the business or customer reviews. If you want to improve the user experience and generate more leads, you have to be particular about your landing pages.

4. Test and Try before Sending Out

This may be easy to skip or miss but is incredibly important for conversions. Trials and tests with content, design and visuals might be able to help you in your digital marketing efforts. Ask people for feedback on what works the best and will convince the consumer to buy your product or avail your services. Take the subject lines of emails, copy, images, colors and fonts, and try out different variations with them. Choose the one that would most likely give you favorable results and then put it out. You can run tests with a small group of users at first or make a decision based on the input from employees, colleagues or family members.

5. Make Your Contact Page Responsive and Accessible

At times, consumers might want answers to queries immediately or may want to communicate their requirements and preferences. If they are unable to find all the right contact information and do not get a satisfying response, you might lose out on useful leads. In case, you are using forms to take questions or solve problems, then you should try and optimize them. Remove any additional fields, avoid asking for a lot of personal data and include filters that make it easier for people to describe what they want to know.

Wrapping Up

With the help of these tips for digital marketing, you might be able to convert your traffic into leads and see an increase in profits. While getting a higher conversion rate may seem challenging at first, it can certainly help your business succeed and establish into a recognized brand.

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