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5 Rules for Choosing a Business Name and Logo Design

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Allen Tucker
Allen Tucker

Are you trying to come up with a business name and logo design for your company? We can assure you that you need to adhere to the same rules.


Both your company name and logo design essentially serve one purpose: to differentiate you from your competitors. These features of your business should make you stand out to your target audience.

How do you ensure that the company name and logo you pick will create a favorable impression to your prospective customers?

We list how.

Establish Your Target Audience

Before picking a company name and logo design, you want to first find out who your target audience are. Remember that the end goal is to make customers choose you over your competitors.

Customers engage the services and buy products from companies that they can relate to. And also, if they feel that they matter to that particular business, the better. So, what do they like? Find out about your niche’s interests, beliefs and values. This will help you create the perfect logo that resonates with your prospective clients

Establish Your Company Identity

Using the information gathered above will help you come up with a logo design and company name that’s authentic. You want these aspects of your brand to clearly communicate your company’s message. The right name and logo should tell a story to your target audience.

For example, what are your values and mission as a business? Customers prefer originality, so make it known what YOU stand for. And by coming up with a name and logo that accurately represent your business, you’re guaranteed a competitive edge over your competitors, because you’ll be unique.

Is it Memorable?

While ensuring that these features resonate with your customers, don’t forget to make them memorable. Your company name and logo should be the first things your target audience thinks about when a need for a particular product or service arises. This can only happen if your designs are firmly etched at the back of the consumer’s mind.

Ask yourself this: are the company name and logo designs catchy? Are they intriguing? People will only remember something that stands out. You want to create a logo that grabs your audience’s attention. Plus, it should leave a positive and long-lasting impression. Make use of color and bold text that’ll make it easy for anyone to identify.

Not only should it be memorable but timeless too. Will people still remember your company name and logo in decades or centuries to come?

Simplicity & Readability Must Be Key

Less is more and that’s not a myth. Now isn’t the time to pick complex names and designs with the hopes of impressing your potential customers. If anything, you risk alienating them.

When coming up with either a company name or logo design, you want something that people can easily recognize and read. Is your company name easy to remember? Is your logo design simple to interpret? The minute your customers struggle to figure out what you’re trying to communicate, you’ve lost their attention.

Generally, minimalistic logo designs and company names are better recognized than their complicated counterparts. Try as much as possible to avoid using too much detail when coming up with either feature. This will just confuse your customers.

We’ve mentioned color already, but make sure that you don’t go overboard with the color palette. Too much colors will confuse your customers. At best, keep the colors to a maximum of three. You want it looking balanced and well thought out.

Make it Scalable, Consistent & Versatile

After all is said and done, you want a logo and company name that can be used across all marketing platforms, being scalable across all mediums. Customers should still be able to identify with your company name and logo regardless of the platform.

Whether it’s resized, replicated or enlarged to fit a large banner, it should still look just as good and recognizable—even without color. Remember that not all mediums will display in full color.

Remember, image and appearance are crucial aspects in the eyes of your customers. No customer wants to do business with a company that appears unprofessional. Your name and logo will be the features that will adorn all products, company clothing and marketing items. So, if you want one medium to prove you’re THE business to take note of, this is a worthwhile area to invest in.

Take your time, test it across all mediums and make sure it’s what will impress the masses.

Final Words

Your company name and logo will create either a positive or negative impression in your customer’s mind. This determines whether or not they’ll do business with you.

Picking a company name and logo design may seem like a relatively simple process, but it may require more time than you thought. Don’t forget that your company’s branding success depends on them. Make sure that they’re both relatable and captivating to your target audience.

Do you now have what it takes to develop an iconic business name and logo that may become as well-known as Coca-Cola or Apple? Follow the above-mentioned tips as a guideline and we’re certain you’ll get it right—the first time.

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