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When You Are Down And Out How Do You Get Up And Go Forward

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Zainab Bdair
Zainab Bdair

For some reason, nothing seems to be operating, from your staff to customers, suppliers, politicians, and even global warming. It all becomes overwhelming and unbearable to handle.

But it happens, even to the best of us who think we are entirely equipped for this roller coaster ride in the hunt for success. Sure, theoretical advice is nice, but when you're struggling to keep your business going, you want real help from people who have dealt with the same situations and were victorious in the end. If you choose not to commit career suicide by reverting to that nine-to-five job that forces you to start your own business, you must have the courage to push through these challenging times.

We love to talk about our accomplishments and how to succeed in business, but the truth is some ventures fail. So, understanding how to identify when your business is going down and out is obviously important. Businesses require more than just passion and expertise to succeed, and in many cases, you may need to construct a bulletproof plan to resurrect you from your current situation. So, how do you go about doing just that? Consider the following points as a guideline.


Contemplate whether you are falling behind in technology. Are you innovative enough? Technology has changed everything, from how we communicate and work to how we think and learn. In today’s constantly evolving world, technology is coming at us at a quick pace, rapidly changing and advancing. The second you implement the latest software or tool, it becomes outdated and we find something greater, better and faster. You need to be smart, engaged, intuitive, and above all else logical.  Brush up on new technology.

  • Follow blogs that contribute educational input to your niche
  • Sign up for newsletters that relate to the latest trends, platforms and tools
  • Listen to podcasts that you find interesting or beneficial
  • Watch videos on YouTube that keep you up to date with using the latest methods in your strategies
  • Become active on social media and engage with your community in a personal and organic manner. Be genuine! Do not sell yourself and produce spammy content that your followers will not appreciate
Ask your trusted customers for their opinion on the following:
  • Are you advanced enough for them?
  • What would they like to see new from you?
  • Do they feel well connected to you? If not, then these customers may be your next ones to exit the front door.


No matter who you are, where you work, or what line of work you are in, communication will be a critical factor in your ultimate success. It might involve giving information to a client or collaborating with your community. The form of communication can be telephonically, written, or face-to-face by building and reestablishing relationships. Today, the forms of communication are virtually infinite, but the model for ensuring that communications are successful need to be your fundamental procedures. Communicate your message briefly, precisely, and appropriately to maximize the effectiveness of your messages by choosing the correct mediums for them.


Implement a cutting-edge approach and have a clear goal for the future of your business. Use this goal as a map to fashion your business plan because it will give you clarity and direction.

Think ahead. What results do you want to materialize for your business? Where would you like the company to be in the coming months and years? Ask yourself and answer the following:

  • Are the products or services you offer receiving recognition and visibility?
  • Have you narrowed down your target audience and established your niche?
  • How did you find prospects in the past and does this method still work for you today?
  • Have you compiled a marketing strategy that will effectively promote your product or service?
  • What problems or obstacles need to be solved?
  • Have you recognized the correct ways to position yourself against your competitors?


Most business owners seek new ideas, new projects, new clients and new money. There are various methods of establishing business ideas without the need to reinvent the wheel. Proven methods work for a reason such as market research, client contribution, merchant alliances, branding your business, and even transforming your business into something that is eco-friendlier.

Devoted customers may be one of the best approaches to acquiring innovative business ideas. Invite your customers to your business and conduct a fun and interactive survey by asking them for their input regarding your product or service. Use those answers to improve your business through customer input. For example, if they love your product or service, but the business down the street offers a discount or customer rewards for purchases of the same product or service, why aren’t you offering the same?

Remember, when your business is in a sticky situation, it just means you are being reborn into the new you. Embrace the new.


It’s no surprise that things don’t always go the way you planned. Persistence is a decision to keep moving towards the vision no matter the glitches along the way. It’s not just doing what it takes, it’s doing whatever it takes. It’s falling to rock bottom and getting up again anyway. Planning is what gets you moving toward your vision, but persistence is what keeps you going.

Running a business is a rewarding voyage, not just a satisfying destination. It’s not just about where you are going, but who you become. Somewhere during this struggle, there is a lesson you need to learn about yourself.


Avoid the cost of expensive hardware and use cloud-based services to host data where you will pay annually rather than needing to purchase and maintain expensive software.


In a world that is continuously advancing and having to deal with ever-changing customers, your business won’t be able to keep up if your products and services don’t portray innovation. You will need to work with the right people to modernize your offerings. Study and be inspired by how your competitors are maintaining a consistent and innovative image. These will help you produce a new product or service that will get your customers’ awareness.


Each step is a positive one, even if you feel nothing is developing. Do not pull yourself down because you are being judged for your downfall. Embrace your failures as short-term setbacks.

Bill Bartman, one of the wealthiest individuals in the world by Forbes in 1997, lost 3 billion dollars.  As a substitute to floundering in self-pity, he stated, "We all stumble and fall. Maybe I've done it more cataclysmically than most. But you can learn so much if you open your eyes rather than blame everyone else and feel pity for yourself. You need to dust yourself off, turn around backward, and learn what you could have done differently. When you can do that, big things can result."

Most of us were taught failure is regretful. Therefore, when we fail, we are tempted to throw in the towel and give up. However, successful individuals use failure as a stepping stone to climb out of their troubles.

Reflect on what went wrong and find solutions to the problem that caused the failure. Learn from your mistakes and do things differently going forward. Always draw inspiration from people who failed many times but eventually achieved their dreams.

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