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Why its Important to get a Professional

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Zainab Bdair

Many people assume that working with professionals is too expensive, so they choose the cheaper option instead. Yes, professionals are costlier. But if you think professionals are highly-priced just wait until you hire an amateur!

Most companies don’t really understand the significance of having a professional website or corporate identity, and for the majority that has one do not know what it should entail or how it should appear. By hiring a professional agency, you can focus on running your business and not learning the intricacies of programs, web coding and SEO!

If you are wondering what a corporate identity consists of, it is basically a combination of your company’s logo, business cards, letterheads, email signatures, brochures, brand manuals and so forth. A CI is another important marketing tool that you use to present to your potential clients, investors and any other individuals that might be interested to learn more about your company. This gives them an in-depth idea of what products or services you offer, your target market, unique strengths, and whether you are a professional and credible company to do business with. It clearly outlines a summary of your company, its objectives, goals, and achievements.

A high-quality CI will instantly imply that your company takes business seriously and is perceived to be well-established. Observing some of the larger brands, it is obvious that these benefits work. It’s evident that the quicker you can establish your brand, the more successful you will gain acknowledgment, awareness and ultimately generate more sales.

If your business is competing for market share with other competitors; whether it is a start-up or more established business, an effective corporate identity and a professional website is necessary. The following 8 points outline the reason why you need to invest in hiring a professional web design agency.

Be Competitive

Any business that strives to be more competitive in the online or offline market must have a professional website to back them up. The internet has become the primary resource for individuals to discover information, with business research being their top priority when performing a search on the web. In today’s digital era your website is no longer static page, but more accurately an interactive online presence that requires to constantly adapt. This involves optimization of the site for new mobile devices, updating old content and keeping it crisp. 

By hiring a professional web design agency all the elements of your new website will work in together from the beginning. A modern website is a lot more than just a bit of code with a few words and images so by making use of a professional web design agency, all the resources you need to succeed will be given to you at a lower cost than you might even expect. Businesses that do not have a professionally created website risk losing potential customers on the Internet and in their storefronts. Consumers are evaluating products and companies long before they decide to make a purchase, and if your website does not seem professional or secure, they will simply move on to the next vendor.

Innovative Technology

Professional web design agencies work with innovative technology. They consider how your website will appear two years from now. A professional web design agency not only designs and develops websites, it also retains a keen eye on future developments. The Internet changes daily with innovative technologies, new computer codes and the latest trends to draw visitors to your site. When using a professional web designer, you can therefore be guaranteed that the site is being built for optimal success. Many DIY site creators do not allow video, RSS feeds, or links in your website, which can unfavorably affect your site in various ways.

Develop Your Vision

Even though you might only have a vague idea of what you would like created, a professional web design agency can assist in refining that concept. It takes several different resources to develop an engaging online presence in the digital age. A professional web design agency combines the ability and vision of different creatives and strategists to submit the required results. Depending on the range of your project, you will require specialists ranging from content creators and digital marketers to web designers and developers, SEO experts and social media strategists. A professional web design agency has all of them in-house or on-call when such a project arises which ensures continuity from start to finish while at the same time, greatly reducing any risk of delays.

Additional Services

A professional web design agency can not only offer you design related services but also, domain purchases and registration, email configuration, website hosting and IT services.  Even if you already have a number of these in place, a professional web design agency ensures that everything functions well together. Contrary to what many people presume, a website is never complete. Websites require recurrent maintenance to keep them current and relevant to their industry. As technology is constantly shifting, and for websites to remain trendy and successful, they must continue to stay up-to-date with these trends. Most professional web design agencies offer ongoing support and training, content curation, search engine optimization, and social media services as well. By operating with just one agency you can guarantee stability in your online presence.

Processes and Strategies

Building a website is a complex project, and careful planning is always an initial step. A professional web design agency has an established development process in place. This makes sure your project moves forward without overseeing any details. A typical development process would include the following:


Concept: The foundation for the design and development will be to research and prepare for the project.

Theme Design: Based on the concept, a framework and visual look of the website is created along with any custom design elements.

Building: At this stage, the creative idea transforms into reality. Developers build the website functionality and add the necessary content.

Test: This is where the new site undergoes extensive testing, including responsiveness on various browsers and devices.

Launch: This includes any last touches and moving the site to a live server.

Report: The final step is tracking the new site’s performance.

Custom Designs

When you hire a professional web agency you know that your site will be built to enhance your business. The web designer will evaluate your business and products, and work with you towards your goal. They will ask you various questions such as, ‘do you want to generate online sales or walk-in sales?’ ‘Will your site be for informational purposes only?’. Once these questions are answered, your site will be designed to meet your exact requirements. Unprofessional site creators border their capabilities and often restrict graphics and text on the site. A professional web designer is not caged by these restrictions.

Visual Attributes

The way your site appears, the manner in which a user navigates it, the colours and graphics used are incredibly significant. Visitors prefer not to hunt for information, nor do they desire to be bombarded with flashy colours and jam-packed text. A professional designer makes sure that the correct colour schemes, text, and navigation are designed to be user-friendly.

SEO Friendly

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a technique used by professional web designers to ensure your website receives high rankings from search engines. If search engines cannot easily locate your website, your prospective clients will not either. Your site must be optimized to be found on search engines.

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