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7 Hacks to Get the Most Out of Your Brand Logo

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A logo is more than just a drawing with your company name on it. It’s a complete representation of your business as a whole. It serves to communicate your brand’s vision, mission, values and principles to your niche.

You want it to represent your brand well. Because quite frankly, whether your logo design is wonderfully or poorly designed, it’s communicating a message to your prospective clients. So, which message do you want to send?

We’ve come up with a few tips and tricks that can help you get the most out of your company logo design.

1. Know Your Brand

There’s certainly nothing haphazard about designing your business logo. Think of it as a symbol that introduces your brand to prospective clients. “Your brand identity includes aspects other than the visuals, like goals, mission, and values. It’s basically the sort of person your brand would be, if it was a human being,” Zaheer Dodhia writes about the role of corporate brand identity.

Ask yourself, what is your brand all about? Who is your target audience? What is your brand personality? Is it eccentric or conventional? Is your brand all about evoking emotions or is it more goal oriented? Answering these questions should help form the foundation of your logo design.

2. Use Color Carefully

Use colors to effectively communicate your brand personality. As you’re probably aware, different colors have different meanings. While bright and bold colors are effective at grabbing people’s attention, the trade-off is that they may be misread as overbearing and distracting. On the other side of the spectrum, using subtle tones exudes sophistication and minimalism, but these hues might be overlooked.

The key lies in striking a balance between the colors and picking those that compliment your business and services or products you offer. Again, factors such as your target audience come into play here. Is your business targeted at professionals? Corporate colors such as grays and blues that display professionalism are ideal. You can afford to play with a lot more color if your business is targeted at creatives or the younger demographic.

3. Be Unique

To get the most out of your logo, now isn’t the time to follow graphic design trends—unless of course they align with your brand. As you know trends come and go. So rather pick a unique design that accurately represents your business’s personality. This way it will remain relevant even a few years down the line.

By unique, we mean a logo design that’s not similar to your competitors, free from any form of imitation and stands out from the rest. The last thing you need is a logo design that people will mistake as your competitor’s. Don’t confuse your customers. Be authentic.

4. Make it Recognizable

Having a unique is logo is one thing, but it must also be recognizable. The idea is to design a logo that’ll not only grab your audience’s attention but also create a lasting impression in your consumers’ mind.

Remember that you’re not the only company offering a particular service or product. Consumers have options. Make sure that your brand is the first to pop up in the consumer’s mind when he or she thinks of the service or products you offer. Create an enticing design to ensure this.

5. Make it Flexible

Gone are the days when logos only appeared on company buildings and brochures. In today’s digital landscape, customers can access your brand on any platform. Make sure that you create a logo that’s flexible enough to appear on different devices and apps.

Whether customers are viewing your logo from their mobile phones or desktops, they should identify it with ease.

6. Pick the Correct Font

The font you pick should also reflect your brand personality. This means you must pay attention to the typeface that you choose. Pick a bold font if you want your brand to display a strong sense of personality. Subtle fonts are ideal if you don’t want your brand to come across as aggressive.

7. Simplicity is Key

After all is said and done, simplicity is ultimately sophistication. We get that you want to be creative and design a unique logo which grabs people’s attention. But unique doesn’t have to mean confusing or busy. Avoid using too many colors, fonts or complex designs that don’t translate well.

Rather make your brand logo easy to spell out and read. Simple and minimalistic designs are memorable, not to mention timeless. Consumers don’t have time to sit and figure out what your logo means or what it represents. They should be able to recognize it instantly—no matter the platform. That’s the definition of a good brand logo.

Final Words

Careful consideration is necessary for each aspect of your logo design because it all contributes to the final result. Pay attention to the choice of color, font and design as a whole.

Remember that your logo CAN make or break your company image and how customers perceive your brand. By incorporating our above mentioned tips, we’re certain your brand will indeed stand out from the rest—in a good way.

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