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Brand Identity

Logo Design

The logo design and its impact on brand consumption

Whether you own a large established brand or just getting started with branding, having the right strategy is essential. Many brands are quite active initially and then seem to disappear. In such cases, it is not the fault of the customer. Such brand failures are caused by using the wrong brand promotional strategies.

Eithan Higgins
October 13, 2020
Website Development

Why a custom website makes better business sense

Every business has a unique brand. Elements like your company logo, name, fonts, and other remarkable design styles play an imperative role in making a stunning first impression among your prospective clients and the target audience. The more high quality images, content, and other designs you display throughout your website, the more the audience becomes intrigued.

Glenn Cain
April 30, 2020
Brand Identity

5 Rules for Choosing a Business Name and Logo Design

Are you trying to come up with a business name and logo design for your company? We can assure you that you need to adhere to the same rules.

Allen Tucker
April 30, 2020
Brand Identity

Cloudfusion: World Class Web Design, right here in Gauteng

The 21st century economy is taking place online - but is your brand ready? At Cloudfusion, we’re passionate about digital and we aim to be one of the most innovative web design agencies in Gauteng.

P.S. Delport
April 30, 2020
Case Study

Award-Winning Web Development and SEO Services

A few of our customers were kind enough to leave us some reviews on Clutch, a B2B rating as well as a review from a firm in D.C. that connect businesses. Our excellent customer reviews and dedication has led to us being listed as one of the leading SEO agencies in South Africa!

Lilly Powers
April 30, 2020